Verifying T3C system functionality

T3C Console communicates with T3C Service via network interface. The same way T3C Service communicates with central T3C Server via network interface connected to Internet. Network communication in Microsoft Windows operating systems is usually controlled by firewall. Some antivirus systems may control network communication as well. To troubleshoot communication problems, please verify that it is not blocked.

Communication port for T3C Service is 803.

Communication ports for T3C Server are 80 and 443.

In the case, that T3C Service is installed on your computer, it must be running. In the case, that T3C Service is installed on server, verify that it is running there.

T3C Service is installed as Windows service, it is started automatically after installation and system restart. Please verify, that it is running:

  • Via Windows Tasks Manager - search for T3CSvc.exe process, or
  • Via Windows local services - search for T3C Service, check its state

Run Console by:

  • Clicking on T3C Console icon on desktop
  • Selecting Windows start menu - TomoCon Communication Centre (T3C)/Console

The state of T3C system is indicated via connection icon in the right part of T3C Console status bar: