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 +===== Changing the filename policy of study being stored in Console =====
 +<WRAP round important 90%>
 +This procedure applies to T3C since version 13.\\
 +If you have an older version, [[updateinstallation| update T3C]] first, then follow this procedure.
 +<WRAP round important 90%>
 +This setting is valid only for the current user of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
 +  * You can change the file naming policy setting in the Microsoft Windows registry under the key //HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TatraMed Software\T3C\Console\Settings\Store//
 +  * Change or add a value of //FilenamePolicy// of type //Text//
 +  * The default policy is //<studyDate>/<studyUid> - <patientId> (<currentDatetime>)/<seriesIndex>-<imageIndex>//
 +  * [[guideImageFilenamePolicy|Study file naming policy format]]
 +  * After the change it is necessary to restart //T3C Console//
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