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Restore of installation from backup

Use this procedure if you lost your original installation.

Due to the compatibility of the transferred data between T3C clients, it is not possible to use an older version of the application than the one you have already used.

  • T3C installation backup, which must include pk.pem and main.conf in Service subfolder
  • Passphrase for private key, if it is secured
  • Administrator privileges for Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Please follow the instructions for a new installation with existing registration up to the step where the existing registration is applied
  • From the backup, extract all data files from Service folder to the same location in the new installation, or just the following files:
    • pk.pem - institution private key
    • main.conf - main configuration
    • settings.json - automatic tasks configuration
    • users.db - user database
    • notifications.db - notification rules configuration
    • You may or may not copy the following files, as they may contain unnecessary data:
      • rm.db - history record database
      • messages.db - message database
    • We do not recommend copying other files as they may contain outdated data
  • Now it is necessary to run the installer again, because you need to convert the data to a new format. You do not need to do this if the installer version matches the backup version
  • In the component step, select only Service
  • If the private key is protected by an authorization phrase and T3C Service is/will be installed as a Windows service, the installer will ask for the authorization phrase
  • In the final step of the installation, the data transformation is performed. If there are errors, please follow this procedure
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