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T3C Service
  • This application communicates with T3C Server
  • The Service contains client private key for asynchronous encryption of communication and data
  • It is essential to backup the private key because without it the client registration and identification is lost (file pk.pem in Service directory)
  • It is recommended that this application is installed as Windows Service so that it will start automatically at system start and run without needing user session
  • Only one instance of the Service shall be installed on client computer
T3C Console
  • This is graphical user interface for T3C
  • Multiple Consoles can be installed at client computers
  • Console has ActiveX interface for third party applications to enable integration for sending patient study to other clients
  • Console enables user to:
    • Send its patient studies to other participants
    • Receive and store patient studies from other participants
    • Send text messages and requests for patient studies to other participants
    • Receive text messages and requests for patient studies from other participants
    • Reply to patient study request message from other participants
    • View the history of patient studies transaction and make reports


It is essential that client has the latest version of T3C, because many problems and bugs are resolved and new features added.

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista or later
  • User with administrative privileges
  • Internet connection
Installation for client with 1 computer

Both T3C Service and T3C Console will be installed on one computer.

  • Download the latest version of T3C
  • Start the T3C Setup
  • Select language
  • Select all components: Console, Service, Documentation
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