Troubleshooting migration

To avoid problems with broken records, we recommend keeping only the necessary number of records in the system. Otherwise, the application may become slow, because a lot of data is constantly being transferred. I.e. delete already processed studies and messages. T3C is neither a PACS nor a billing/archiving system, but a communication system for the safe and fast transmission of large DICOM studies.

When using T3C system, it may happen that some records become inconsistent and although they can sometimes be used in normal operation, such records cannot be automatically converted when upgrading the system. During the update, all records are gradually converted. Only when this process goes without error will the records be rewritten to a new version. In any error occures, the original records are restored and the successfully updated records are discarded.

The most common reasons for data inconsistency:

  • Application or operating system crashes while data are written
  • Disk errors, sector corruption, write failures, driver errors
  • Excessive resource usage resulting in “timeout” when writing data

When a problem occurs, you can examine the migration log file for any errors. You can find it in %ProgramData%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service\log\migrator.log. You can try to fix the problem manually or delete the entry. The following is a description of the updated data in the Service folder:

  • job folder contains downloaded studies
    • if there is a problem with one particular study, we recommend deleting the specific subfolder
    • alternatively, you can delete the entire folder
  • robot folder contains a database with records of currently running automated tasks. You can delete it, some tasks may not be completed and will need to be repeated
  • File messages.db - message database. You can delete it, you lose old messages.
  • File rm.db - database with study transfer records. You can delete it, you lose history.
  • File notifications.db - Database with notification settings. You can delete it.
  • File users.db - database with user settings. You can delete it.

Once the problem is fixed, you need to run the installer again to update the records. Other errors may occur, so the process needs to be repeated.

Manual database repair is a very problematic and time-consuming work with an uncertain end.