Troubleshooting T3C Server connection issues

If T3C system was working fine and from some time point it is not working anymore, please verify what changes has been made in network and infrastructure configuration and Internet connection in your institution. Often it happens, that after weekend the connection with T3C Server is not working due some local infrastructure maintenance.

  • T3C Service and T3C Console is running
  • T3C Console connection indication in the right section of the status bar shows icon
  • Internet connection problem or addresses translation
  • T3C Server has a short-term outage or is overloaded
  • T3C Service connects to the Internet using a proxy server that is not currently operational or its settings or authorization has changed
  • Communication is blocked by a Firewall

Open an internet browser and try to access multiple sites on the Internet. If you have any problems, please contact your ISP or network administrator.

Verify the availability of T3C Server at https://cs.t3c.sk:

  • The page with the T3C logo in the green circle appears, the connection is OK
  • The page with the T3C logo in the orange circle appears, the server may be temporarily overloaded
  • The page with the T3C logo in the red circle appears or there is no page:
    • Address translation error:
      • In command line run nslookup
      • Enter address cs.t3c.sk
      • Verify that it translates to
    • The server is blocked - try accessing from another network or other device
    • The server has an outage or the connection is currently overloaded - try it later

If T3C Server is available, but T3C Service does not communicate, this may be a problem with proxy servers. Please verify your network settings. See also the proxy server setup procedure.

If T3C Server is available, but T3C Service does not communicate, network communications may be blocked by a Firewall. Try to temporarily disable the Firewall and verify connection - in T3C Console menu select View/Update from the T3C Server.

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