Configure connection to remote T3C Service

This procedure applies to T3C since version 12.
If you have an older version, update T3C first, then follow this procedure.

If the connection to the remote T3C Service has not yet been configured, it will be searched for automatically.

  • Start T3C Console
  • From menu select Console/Settings…
  • Click on System tab
  • To T3C Service, Address field, enter IP address or domain name of computer where T3C Service is installed, or
  • Press the Search button
    • Service Discovery dialog box opens, where the Console searches for compatible Services on the local network and displays the results in a list
    • Highlight one item in the list and press Select
    • The Service details are entered in the Address and Port field for the T3C Service

For older versions of T3C, use the following procedure.

  • Start T3C Console
  • From menu select Console/Console Settings…
  • Click on System tab
  • In T3C Service Address specify IP address or computer network/domain name, where T3C Service is installed
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