New installation with registration to T3C System

Within the organization, only one T3C Service node can be installed for data consistency and communication with the central T3C Server. If you need to install multiple nodes, install T3C Service on a server computer and T3C Consoles on other computers.

Connection to T3C/ReDiMed Server is governed by business contracts. For more information, please contact:

This installation procedure applies to T3C version 12 and higher.
Both the installer and the registrar must be in the same folder.

  • Run the installer
  • Select a language
  • Choose setup type
    • Install only Console
      • Choose if you already have a server (T3C master node) installed within your organization and want to install another client
    • Install all components
      • Choose if this is the only installation for the organization or the server installation for the organization
      • Do not choose if this is another client installation within the organization
  • Confirm the destination folder for the installation
  • Install
  • If you have installed all the components:
    • At the end of the installation, registration will start. If the registrar does not start, you can run it manually
    • The Registrar attempts to connect to central T3C Server. If it is not successful, you can try again or set up a connection using the proxy server
    • Enter basic information about your organization: name, description and address
    • Next, creation of a new private key follows, please provide its strength and if you wish, secure it by authorization phrase
    • Registration is sent to central T3C Server where the operator has to approve it
  • If you have installed only T3C Console, setup connection to T3C Service installed on another computer

After successful registration, please securely backup the created private key, the authorization passphrase and the basic configuration - pk.pem and main.conf files in %PROGRAMDATA%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service\conf folder. Without this data, your registration can not be restored if your computer fails.