This procedure applies to T3C since version 12.
If you have an older version, update T3C first, then follow this procedure.

  • Stop T3C Service
  • Move the entire subfolder study from the folder %ProgramData%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service to the desired location
  • In the %ProgramData%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service\conf folder edit the main.conf file (text encoding is UTF-8):
    • Add or change the study.directory setting and enter the desired directory. Please use forward slash / to separate subdirectories (in case of using backslashes \ they must be doubled, because this character is used to encode special characters), eg:
      study.directory = D:/t3c data/studies
    • or:
      study.directory = D:\\t3c data\\studies
  • Save changes
  • Start T3C Service, if you have done all the steps correctly, the original studies should appear in the Console

After successful reconfiguration and verification of functionality, please back up the configuration.

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