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Migration of installation to another computer with keeping all data

Please delete all already processed studies in T3C Console before moving the installation. This will speed up the migration of big data.

  • Access to original installation of T3C Service
  • Passphrase for private key, if it is secured
  • Administrator privileges for Microsoft Windows operating system on destination computer
  • A data medium capable of storing all necessary data or a network connection between the two computers

All services of T3C system will be unavailable during the migration of T3C.

It is possible to have installed only one node of T3C Service within one institution for data consistency and communication with central T3C Server.

  • On the original computer, quit the T3C system, close T3C Console and turn off T3C service:
    • If installed as a Windows service, start the Windows local services manager and stop T3C Service
    • If installed as an application, right-click T3C Service icon on the Windows notification bars and select Exit Service
  • From the original computer, back up Service subfolder from T3C installation folder except for logs and tmp subfolders and files with .bak extension

Some important files may be marked as hidden or system files, these are necessary for the T3C system. Make sure that there are pk.pem and main.conf files in the backup.

  • Next, please follow the procedure for restoring the installation from backup. In the step where you copy files from a backup, copy all the files from the created backup
  • After a successful installation, it is important to ensure that T3C Service no longer runs on the original computer:
    • Uninstall T3C system
    • Delete the registration which will be left for security reasons after uninstalling - delete the folder where was T3C system installed
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