Restore of installation from a backup

Use this procedure if you lost your original installation.

Within the organization, only one T3C Service node can be installed for data consistency and communication with the T3C Server. If you need to install multiple nodes, install T3C Service on a server computer and T3C Consoles on other computers.

Due to the compatibility of the transferred data between T3C clients, it is not possible to use an older version of the application than the one you have already used.

  • Backup, which must contain at least pk.pem and main.conf files
  • Passphrase for private key, if it is secured
  • Administrator privileges for Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Please follow the instructions for a new installation with registration from backup up to the step where the existing registration is applied
  • The next steps depend on what version of the data you have in the backup. If you don't know, identify it by opening the main.conf file and reading the data.version field
  • If you have a full backup, i.e. folder Service, copy it to the folder %ProgramData%\TatraMed Software\T3C
  • If you only have a configuration backup, i.e. folder conf, copy it to the folder %ProgramData%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service
  • Make sure that main.conf and pk.pem files have been copied to the conf folder
  • Copy the data from the backup to the folder where you installed T3C (the default folder is % ProgramFiles (x86)%\TatraMed Software\T3C\Service). Do not overwrite any binaries that are already in the destination folder
  • Make sure that main.conf and pk.pem files have been copied to the conf folder
  • Now it is necessary to run the installer again, because it is necessary to convert the data to the new format. Choose to install all components
  • If the private key is protected by an authorization phrase, the installer will ask for it
  • In the final step of the installation, a data transformation is performed. If there are any errors, please follow this procedure

After successful installation, please back up the updated configuration and private key.

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