Migration, keeping only configuration

Within the organization, only one T3C Service node can be installed for data consistency and communication with the T3C Server. If you need to install multiple nodes, install T3C Service on a server computer and T3C Consoles on other computers.

Due to the compatibility of the transferred data between clients of T3C system, it is not possible to use an older version of the application than the one you have already used before. We recommend installing only the current version.

  • Access to the original T3C Service installation
  • Passphrase for private key, if it is secured
  • Administrator privileges for Microsoft Windows operating system

During the T3C migration, the services of the T3C system will not be available.

This procedure applies to T3C since version 12.
If you have an older version, update T3C first, then follow this procedure.

  • On the original computer, close T3C Console, and stop T3C Service
  • Create a configuration backup on the original computer
  • Next, please follow the procedure for restoring the installation from backup
  • After a successful installation, it is important to ensure that T3C Service no longer runs on the original computer:
    • Uninstall T3C system
    • Delete the registration which will be left for security reasons after uninstalling, delete the folder where was T3C system installed
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